REGENE: Official Tutorials and Contract Addresses

Official Contract Addresses:

· USDT address: 0xa71edc38d189767582c38a3145b5873052c3e47a

· REC address: 0xb934895F338517555035746b5A5C0e2f69EdA3Dc

· RES address: 0x6F0cbF52dE80FF546b2e5038CBC29C36416a33CF

· REC-USDT-LP LAVASWAP address: 0x38605725707FdD2507D906675305cb06218e323B

· RES-USDT-LP LAVASWAP address: 0xeFC4799b824E801C4Aa11C5fbbD281A9Cc8ae3cA

Getting Started and Tutorials:

For full details, check out Docs:


To learn more about Gene Finance, and stay updated on the latest developments:




Interoperable DeFi Liquidity Pool Platform $GENE Discord Channel:

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Gene Finance

Gene Finance

Interoperable DeFi Liquidity Pool Platform $GENE Discord Channel:

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