Important Announcement from the Alien Council: GENE-REC Pair on Lava Swap & Updates

We have heard the community and are aware that there were concerns with regards to the use of GENE on Huobi Eco Chain as well as concerns with regards to their use after the end of the liquidity mining event.

Liquidity providers to the GENE-REC pair will have the opportunity to be airdropped 20% of all supply expansion before REB and RES holders by holding their GENE_REC_LAVASWAP LP tokens. The remaining 80% of all REC supply expansions will first be distributed to REB holders and last to RES holders.

Once we have properly set up the GENE Board of Directors, holders of GENE_REC_LAVASWAP LP tokens will be able to stake their tokens and receive their REC at 8:00 PM when REC supply expansion events occur.

We have decided to replace the 2% development fund by such mechanism as we believe it will support the long-term development of the Gene Finance Ecosystem on Huobi Eco Chain and be more beneficial for the community, which supported us from the start of this project. This will also allow us to promote the use of REC as a stablecoin.

For more information hit the link for the guide and be sure to join us on Discord for the latest updates.