Gene Finance on Metaverse: Tokenomics and Rewards

Gene Finance
2 min readApr 21, 2021

The total circulating supply of GENE token is 210 million tokens and its current circulating supply across Ethereum and Huobi Eco Blockchain is approximately 174 million. As a result, we will issue an additional 36 million GENE tokens as liquidity mining incentives on Metaverse.

While we will keep the same number of GENE rewards per block as on Ethereum: 100 GENE/block, we have updated GENE tokenomics on Gene Finance in the following manner.

We will now offer two different tokens as rewards to liquidity providers: GENE and ETP depending on the pools in which they stake their tokens and LP.

Liquidity providers of the ETP Deer and ETP/USDT Dog pools will receive ETP rewards distributed by the Metaverse Foundation, which donated 1 million ETP to Gene Finance. The 1 million ETP tokens will be distributed. Liquidity providers of the GENE/USDT Taotie, DNA/USDT Dragon, GENE Tiger, and DNA Bull pools will continue to receive GENE rewards after the migration.

We invite you to review the new rewards breakdown introduced below:

ETP Farms:

GENE Farms


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