Gene Finance on Metaverse: Tokenomics and Rewards

The total circulating supply of GENE token is 210 million tokens and its current circulating supply across Ethereum and Huobi Eco Blockchain is approximately 174 million. As a result, we will issue an additional 36 million GENE tokens as liquidity mining incentives on Metaverse.

While we will keep the same number of GENE rewards per block as on Ethereum: 100 GENE/block, we have updated GENE tokenomics on Gene Finance in the following manner.

We will now offer two different tokens as rewards to liquidity providers: GENE and ETP depending on the pools in which they stake their tokens and LP.

Liquidity providers of the ETP Deer and ETP/USDT Dog pools will receive ETP rewards distributed by the Metaverse Foundation, which donated 1 million ETP to Gene Finance. The 1 million ETP tokens will be distributed. Liquidity providers of the GENE/USDT Taotie, DNA/USDT Dragon, GENE Tiger, and DNA Bull pools will continue to receive GENE rewards after the migration.

We invite you to review the new rewards breakdown introduced below:

ETP Farms:

GENE Farms


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