Gene Finance Monthly Report — January 2021


  • Developing new updated interface of Gene Finance
  • Fixed bugs and enhanced usability
  • Preparations to launch new algorithmic stablecoin product: REGENE

In January, our core product team focused on developing a new interface for Gene Finance. With a focus on accessibility and usability, our team would like to launch the new interface in February. Below is a sneak peak of the new interface:

The new interface will feature Leonardo, our friendly alien who helps us harvest Gene, and a dashboard that displays on-chain information, liquidity, volume, swaps, etc for increased transparency and accessibility.

Concurrently, the team has fixed some of the bugs on the current version of Gene Finance:

  • Replaced ETH button with USDT on the Swap page
  • Fixed login issue when switching from Swap to Farms tab
  • Display total number of LP tokens staked in each farm visible

At the moment, all the data from liquidity pools and swaps are available on:

Algorithmic Stablecoin: REGENE

Until the creation of Tether, trading cryptocurrencies was extremely difficult as markets suffered from illiquidity and high volatility. USD Tether was core to the development of the cryptocurrency markets beyond the 2017 ICO cycle and USDT has become a core source of liquidity for cryptocurrency traders as well as a widely used store of value.

However, solely relying on a privately-issued stablecoin creates considerable regulatory, systemic and regulatory risks for the crypto markets. For this reason, we believe a decentralized alternative is a more adequate solution for the Gene Ecosystem.

REGENE is an open-source algorithmic stablecoin that was designed to introduce a stable store of value to the Gene Finance ecosystem. It is also one of the first algorithmic stablecoin projects, which will be launched on multiple public blockchains.

Currently, this project is still under development and planned to launch also in February, please read our updated documentation here:


To learn more about Gene Finance, and stay updated on the latest developments:

Interoperable DeFi Liquidity Pool Platform $GENE Discord Channel:

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Gene Finance

Gene Finance

Interoperable DeFi Liquidity Pool Platform $GENE Discord Channel:

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