First Community Vote on Gene Finance

Gene Finance has received incredible support from the community since its launch on October 18th. The highest TVL has reached over 80 Million US dollars, and the number of active miners on the platform ranks in the forefront of the Ethereum ecosystem.

To further enhance the development of Gene Finance, we will start the first community governance vote to determine the next liquidity mining pool:

The voting will open at 12:00pm on October 29th (ET) at the following address:

The Gene Finance community can use the Metamask wallet to participate in Gene’s voting. As long as your Metamask wallet has an available balance of more than 10,000 GENE during the voting period, you are eligible to participate in the voting.

There are four options for the next liquidity pool candidate:


Voting will start at 12:00pm on October 29th and will end at 11:00am on November 1st (ET). The newly elected liquidity trading pair will be listed on Gene Finance at approximately 9:00am on November 2 (subject to the predetermined block height).

Each voting cycle lasts for one week, and each election is held once a week. Community members can nominate new projects to join the election. The project elected for three consecutive weeks will open a staking pool simultaneously on Gene Finance.

For the selected mining pool, it will receive 5% of the block reward, for a total of 10%.

PLEASE NOTE: If your GENE is already participating in mining, you can withdraw GENE to Metamask wallet to vote. If you consider re-staking after voting, please be sure to transfer the equivalent amount of GENE to the Metamask wallet again within one hour before the end of the voting, or else the vote will not be counted. We will perform the voting snapshot statistics within one hour before the end of the voting. Voting will not result in losing any Gene, nor any costs.

Bonus: There will be special reward for participants in the first community governance voting.

Interoperable DeFi Liquidity Pool Platform $GENE Discord Channel:

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Gene Finance

Gene Finance

Interoperable DeFi Liquidity Pool Platform $GENE Discord Channel:

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